Jess May 5, 2022

A really fun and inspiring event! Great teacher. Really looking forward to more printing workshops. Thanks.

Maxine May 4, 2022

Most enjoyable. A well designed workshop that ended with a successful piece of work to take home. Thank you.

Sarah May 1, 2022

A great chance to experience how to create dry point prints. Lisa is a passionate exponent of all things printing. I look forward to going deeper into this technique.

Benji April 26, 2022

Definitely a great offering for kids in the holidays, well done CAN!

Katie April 26, 2022

Loved the workshop and the tutor!

Harry April 26, 2022

My son loved it and his t-shirt! He went without knowing anyone and had a blast.

Kelly April 4, 2022

Love these classes, Ive had a break from sewing for many years so this has been such an amazing kit start for me, Im learning so much.

Erin March 31, 2022

Carol is great… that’s why I keep coming back!

Corrie March 31, 2022

Carol is amazing and able to support each of the class members who are clearly all at different levels.

Ange March 30, 2022

Carol, the tutor, has such broad experience with sewing, she has solutions for every challenge. Always encouraging.

Zoe March 29, 2022
Camille March 24, 2022

Great venue, equipment and tutor also excellent

Emily January 28, 2022

Emily said “that was fun! “
Well organized, Cathay related to kids very well. Warm relationship with clear instructions, enthusiasm and encouragement. Great results.

Maria January 25, 2022
Katie January 24, 2022

I really enjoyed making sushi and eating it! The class was fun and informative